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High Level of Prayer (John 15:1-8; Philippians 4:4-9)

Sermon Date: 
Sun, 06/24/2018 - 12:54

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Explore the Bible During our Women's Lunch on Saturday June 9, 2018

Join us for our monthly Women's Lunch at 11 a.m. Come meet us, share in our delicious lunch, learn more and discuss the Bible.

You're Invited: Church Dinner on Sunday July 1, 2018 after 10:30 A.M. Worship Service

Don't miss our next Church Dinner, which will feature homemade food from those who attend our church. Come to our 11 a.m. Worship Service and then dine with us afterward. Our congregation is friendly and loves visitors. Get to know us and share in our delicious food!

House Church Wednesday June 20, 2018 at 7 pm

If you missed last week no problem come join us this Wednesday at the Factoryville house church. Lead by Chad and Holly Mullen. This week they will be picking up in Amos and going verse by verse. For more information, please call the church office at 570-587-2280 or email james@waverlycommunitychurch.org